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How to train a stubborn Scottish Terrier?

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Question by : How to train a stubborn Scottish Terrier?
My boyfriend has a 3-month-old male Scottie named Rex. I’ve heard that this type of dog is very stubborn, and in order to train him, we need to have a crate. However, my bf he loves his pup and never wanted to buy a crate because he said that it’s mean to the dog. He lets Rex, a little dog, have a whole big floor…Therefore, Rex pooped and peed everywhere. I’ve told him many times that he needs to put Rex in the crate when he’s still a pup because it would be harder to train Rex when he’s older. The problem is that my bf goes to school and work everyday and won’t be home until about 8 hrs later. No one is home during the day either. Would it be ok if we let the pup inside the crate in a long period of time? I know that dogs never poop where they sleep. So is it ok for the pup to hold it?
We have had him for 2 months now and he’s still not trained at all.

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Answer by Brad Gen
Hi ,
Well i found this really helpful guide ,its a really professional training called sit stay fetch , to teach you how to train your dog by yourself , , its a easy step by step book
Hope this helps you with your dog

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  2. doglover on

    Crates are a great way to house train dogs but have to be used with care and being in a crate for 8 hours is going to cause distress to your dog, it will not be able to hold himself for 8 hours so is going to go in his crate, so then you have more problems to deal with. You will just have to put newspapers down for him to use and in time he may learn but it’s going to take a long time.Don’t tell him off for going as soon as you get back or you will start off another problem