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What can I do about my dog right now?

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Question by Ally Mohan: What can I do about my dog right now?
We just got Bull mastiff puppy a couple days ago and we already have two Scottish Terriers and a German Shepherd.My female Scottie is fine but my male sometimes attacks her.He’s not fixed.My mom’s German Shepherd has also gone after her.Usually they both get along fine with other dogs.

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Answer by I’m Always Right
eat it!

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3 Responses to “What can I do about my dog right now?”

  1. yvette on

    Give them time to settle in together as a unit it is not going to happen over night it could take a couple of weeks if its a pup put it in a dog crate so it is around the others but not annoying them all the time when you can not supervise them all.

    If they really wanted to hurt the pup they would have by now so relax and let them meet and greet you could be causing a problem treat them all the same even pup.

  2. Mama Tex on

    They are fine with other dogs that have not moved in on their territory. Un neutered males are worse about dominance and concern over the pack hierarchy. Keep your puppy separated from them ANY time you are not 100% in to watching their interaction. If they do not accept your puppy in a few weeks you need to consider neutering your Scottie or finding a new home for the puppy.

  3. ladystang on

    train and supervise